Which wine goes with which food?

Which wine goes with which food?

Finding a suitable wine that will go well with dinner you prepare can be a somewhat stressful experience. Especially when you stand in front of the entire wine racks in the store.

That is why we have prepared a few tips for you on how to choose the right wine with each dish, as well as a couple of “tricks” for the full enjoyment of the selected wine.

From where the food is, from there should be the wine

This is the golden rule for joining wine and food. For example, pizza goes well with Italian wines. However, pay attention to the fact that exotic and spicy food is not good with exotic wines. Mexican dishes will not go well with strong wines, because the heat of alcohol increases spices. If this rule puzzles you here’s the list of which wine goes with which food:

– You will not make a mistake with appetizers and prawns if you are using a white wine that is dry, semi-dry or slightly sweet

– Dishes based on fish also go well with dry white wine and dry champagne

– Cured meats served with dry rosé, but dry white wine is also a great choice

-Soup, pasta, risotto with fish sauce or meat sauce are mostly accompanied with dry white wine, then rosé and young red wine

-Fried fish, grilled shrimps, whether or not with sauces, are mostly accompanied with some fine wines, while grilled fish and crabs, shellfish and caviar are bound by heavy white and red wines, dried sparkling wine or white aromatic wine

-With eggs made in different ways or served with cured meat products and cheese, it is best to be combined with white or rosé wine

-Frogs, snails, and eels, if you are interested in exotic specialties, require white wine

-When it comes to meat, white meat and lightly grilled is complemented by young red wine. And with game meat and strong red meat goes dark red wine.

Also, keep in mind that you will never be served with delicious sweet wine (with dark meat or game meat, while black wines shouldn’t be served with shellfish and seafood or fish, except in special cases. If you are drinking more wine, keep in mind that the white wine drinks before red, slightly before heavy, young and old, etc. During the meal you usually drink some dry wine, eventually semi-dry and at the end, with cheese or desserts, serve dessert wine.

Black (red) wine is not a good choice, because the tannins in the wine with salt meat whole mouthful make bitter, leaving a metallic taste on the tongue. Seafood prepared in any way best matches with the white wine.

Before the wine bottle is served, it should be cooled to the temperature set for that wine:

Dry white wine – 10 to 12 ° C

Rosé wine – 11 to 14 ° C

Black wine – 16 to 18 ° C

Top wine, late harvest, and archival wine – 12 to 13 ° C

Dessert wine – 15 to 16 ° C

Sparkling wines – 6 to 8 ° C

Now that you know all the secrets of serving wine, get some wine supplies of wine and get a mini wine rack under stairs that will not take you an extra space, and you will not have to think about what to serve to your beloved guests.

Perhaps the most important rule is the following: Whatever you do, remember that it is most important that you enjoy the whole experience of drinking wine and in that sense – you simply cannot mistake! Cheers!

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