Moroccan Interior Design | Everything you need to design your space with Moroccan flare

Moroccan interior design get its lush, almost sensual look from its rich heritage. The Moroccan style is influenced by centuries of Arab, French, Moorish and Spanish tradition providing a very unique and beautiful look.

The look of Morocco is filled with deep colors, rich with earth and spice and alive with patterns. Each interior takes on an individual personality with distinctive accessories ranging from hanging lanterns to hand-painted plates. Tiles are used everywhere in Morocco interior design, from the floor to the ceiling and on walls to the tops of the tables. Floor tiles are usually simple and made from terra cotta, although they can be glazed and more colorful. Those used on the walls, ceilings and on furniture are typically hand-made and painted with gorgeous designs.

Colors that work in a Moroccan interior décor are deep and rich and luxurious. Deep blues are very beautiful and believed to ward off evil spirits. Blue can be combined with other blues in the spectrum including aquamarine and turquoise and hints of greens and white. Throwing in touches of gold, yellow and silver also looks lovely with blues.

Another perfect color palette for a Moroccan décor is full of pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds. These colors are reminiscent of the desert and the hot, arid, climes. It’s fun to choose colors that have the names of spices such as sienna, mustard, ginger, and paprika. Cobalt blue, teal, gold and silver are fabulous accent colors for this palette.

To go for a truly authentic Moroccan interior décor, texturize the walls. This can be done through a variety of textured paints, wall hangings, tiles, mirrors, even hanging silks or textiles as wall coverings. Use screens to divide rooms. Carved screens or a screen of ornate wrought iron also lend design and texture to walls and room spaces creating a wonderful feeling of Morocco.

Furniture should be simple and more rustic than fancy, perhaps of carved wood with colorful cushions. Leather, silk, and wool also work well as furniture fabrics in a Moroccan interior décor. Use plenty of colorful, plush pillows with patterns and designs. Adding accessories can really pull the Moroccan interior design theme together. Wrought iron lamps and wall art are perfect for this décor and fit perfectly with glazed Moroccan pottery or a brass tea set. Lamps made of leather, glass, ceramic, and brass work beautifully, too. Colored glass and brass lanterns also look wonderful in this décor, as do carved wood floor candle stands and tall pillar candles.

Floors can be covered with wool rugs, leather ottomans, kilims, which are large, thin rugs with geometric patterns, Moroccan poufs and large, soft pillows or cushions used for sitting on the floor. Bright, colorful fabrics make these beautiful and comfortable at the same time. These same luxurious colors can be continued as curtains draping sensuously from both windows and ceiling creating the feel of a Bedouin tent.

Patterns, combined with rich color are the elements that create a Moroccan Interior Design. This décor is sultry and luxurious, working beautifully for any room in the home.

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