Helps to keep your hair long and soft

A long, bobbing hair naturally will give her more confidence and femininity. However, for many people, for many different reasons, the hair does not dry as long as desired. Then, in order to have long, healthy hair as you wish, apply the following techniques.

1. Drink plenty of water
Many people still think that drinking water is not related to long hair. However, one reality is that drinking water affects all parts of the human body and includes hair. Drinking water can help your hair grow faster.
Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day will be the secret not only to keep your body from dehydration but also to make your hair long, smooth and beautiful, more info here By drinking plenty of water, this will not only make your hair grow strong but will also moisturize your skin.
Drinking water not only helps long hair but also gives the body a refreshing and healthy spirit.

2. Folic acid supplements
Folic acid (or Vitamin M, Folacin) and Folate (anionic form) are water- soluble forms of vitamin B9, essential for the daily nutrition of the human body for cell renewal. The demand for this substance is high in pregnant women and babies. It is naturally present in food and can also be obtained from adjuvant medications. Folic acid plays a biological role in creating new cells and maintaining them.
Thanks to the above properties, folic acid has a positive effect in stimulating hair growth fast and thick. If you are looking for fast growing hair, then take a folic acid every day. In addition, if you do not want to take medicine, you can add folic acid from fruits and vegetables found in nature such as oranges, avocados, limes, apples, cauliflowers, carrots.

3. Regular sunbathing for hair
Early morning sunshine is one of the methods to make hair grow faster and thicker. If you are looking for long and thick hair, apply this method. This serves as vitamins for your hair, your hair need this method for it to grow
Everyday, in the early hours from 6am to 8pm everyday is the perfect time to sunbathe in the desire to own thick, silky hair. Vitamin in the morning sun will help your hair grow Naturally Pretty faster, longer and healthier, shine. However, sisters should not be sunbathed when the sun is hot and high temperatures will damage hair.

4. Say no to shampoo with hot water
Shampooing with hot water will weaken hair and damage the damaged sebum. Therefore, women should not use hot water to wash their hair if they want their hair to be long and not fluffy. Doing this will leave your hair go frizzy and hard to comb. Wash your hair with cool water and if it does, wash your hair with warm, warm water not to overheat to keep your hair long and silky. In addition, you should also refer to the proper shampoo methods to ensure the hair is long, thick and beautiful naturally. Another method to help long hair faster sister can apply is to massage your hair regularly.

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