Famous pole dance star

Brass Monkey (bracelet, brass manki)
Level: Continuing
Strength: 3 out of 10
Stretching : ∞. You can do without stretching at all, but it’s better when the back bends.
Output circuit:
We climb up on the pylon above the firefighter way (I hope you know what I’m talking about :)).
Sit down in the “scissors” – one of the simplest positions, when the pole is clamped between the hips.
Let go of our hands and lean back.
Take the pylon armpit and palm of a weaker hand, the strongest put straightened at the stop.
The leg corresponding to the bent arm is bent. I got stuck under my knee.
Do you hold on well? Take off the second leg of a pylon and push-to-head!
Most involved: arms, back, sticky place behind the knee.

Felix Kane is, perhaps, the most famous dancer sex dancer. Well, in the Russian-speaking space, for sure. This is indicated even by the statistics of Yandex requests: its name users are asked 236 times a month – a record among the pylon stars on best dance classes.
The Way of Felix Kane to Pole dance
Born Felix Kane on December 9, 1984 in Australia. Her real name is Kim Joshi (Kim Joshi). A sound name she acquired much later, namely when she was carried away by the art of pole dance. By the way, the pseudonym is not only beautiful, but it carries a meaning: Felix – permutation of the letters in the word flexi (“flexible”), and Cane means “pole”.
Indeed, its flexibility and level of possession of the sixth can only envy. Till 17 years Felix Cane was very densely engaged in ballet. Hence her stunning data: an incredible stretching of all parts of the body, the so-called ikse legs and a characteristically curved rise.
What brought the future ballerina into the sensual world of pole dance? First, the classic dance terribly tired Felix Kane, she began to feel that it is boring and depressing. Secondly, her mother signed up for half a dance. It would seem, and where is Felix? Funny, but it was a challenge for Kane. “My mom could not be COOLER than me” ( “My mother can not be steeper than me” ) – here are her words on this matter.
Paul Dance was incredibly inspired by Felix Cane. She spent a lot of time in the gym, practicing 5-6 times a week. Her work was adequately rewarded – after 8 months she won her first title, “Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006″. Let’s see how it was.

Since then, Felix Cane is known all over the world. What’s so surprising is that every year it conquers more and more new peaks. In 2007, she led the judging panel of the Australian championship in pole dance (Felix could not participate in the competition because of the rules). The year 2008 brought her another title, “Miss Paul Dance Australia”. In 2009 and 2010 Felix won in the world championships. In 2011, for the third time won the championship of Australia.
Now the pole pole star Felix Cane performs in the show of the famous Cirque Du Soleil “Zumanity”. This is a format oriented to an adult audience, emphasizing sensuality and eroticism of speakers. You probably noticed that Felix neither one nor the other do not need to borrow. Let’s see this one more time:
The trick “Spatchcock” (also “Chicken on the spit”, “Felix fold”, “Crossbow”) is the invention of Felix Kane. But even he did not always succeed in it – during the demonstration in California she fell down, performing it. However, our heroine very truthfully portrayed “Everything is designed” Fall at 4:00.

On the wave of success, Felix released a series of educational products for the sex dance. This video tutorials and the application for the iPhone “Pocket Dance Studio”.
Felix Cane is married to stripper Chris Moore , whom she met at the show agency.

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