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Excellent dentalPrices for cosmetic dentistry can vary greatly between different cosmetic dentists and cosmetic dentistry practices. Miami cosmetic dentistry costs range from $300 for a do it yourself tooth whitening kit to $45,000 for a full mouth reconstruction.
You should make sure that you spend the appropriate amount of materials, equipment and labs like used in cosmetic dentistry are expensive to get an excellent cosmetic dentist since cosmetic dentistry can significantly affect your health and appearance, see this. Remember you are paying for quality; you shouldn’t be thrifty when you’re talking about your smile. You should proceed with caution if a dentist gives quotes for procedures that are lower than average. Other the other hand higher prices than average may not equal the quality of work done.
When attempting to look into Miami Cosmetic Dentistry cost, you should meet with as many dentists as you possibly can. We have numerous resources here that you can have a look into and there are many links throughout the site that can assist you in comparing different dental practices in Miami. It never hurts to compare as many as these as possible because that will give you a ballpark figure of how much you should spend on your cosmetic dentistry.
You might be asking yourself, why is cosmetic dentistry so expensive? You should know that qualified cosmetic dentists spend a huge amount of money on education and time in honing their skills. They are not general dentists and command higher prices for their services. Also since cosmetic dentistry is not considered to be a part of general dentistry, most dental insurance only cover a part of the costs. Finally, the materials, equipment and labs like used in cosmetic dentistry are expensive.
Cost should only be one of several factors when you are thinking about cosmetic dentistry. In the future we will go into further details about the costs of specific procedures.
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Miami Cosmetic Dentist – Jorge R. Blanco
Dr. Jorge R. Blanco is a Florida cosmetic dentist that practices in the greater Miami area. You can find Dr. Blanco in the South Miami section of the city. His practice is located near the Shops at Sunset Place, an outdoor shopping mall in South Miami.
Dr. Blanco has been practicing in the Miami area for a period of over 20 years. He is well experienced and is an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Blanco is one of 286 people in the world to receive accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He is the first and only dentist in South Florida to receive this distinguished designation. In addition to being an accredited member, he also serves as a board member for the AACD’s charitable foundation.
The undergrad work of Dr. Blanco was done in pre-dental studies at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He then went to dental school at the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry, where he received his DDS degree in 1988. In 1989, he finished a General Practice Residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.

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