crossbow scopes

While most crossbows come with a standard scope in their package, these scopes are not usually of the highest quality (they can either be too dim or their resolution is too low for you to properly sight your target), and may not be of much help to you during a hunting session.
Simply having a high-powered crossbow is more than what makes a hunter successful with their hunts, in fact, having a bad scope can severely jeopardise your hunt as you may miss your target or injure others in your surroundings, and even yourself in the process join us.
You wouldn’t want to leave an animal or yourself in unnecessary pain now would you?
And while some may argue that a scope doesn’t help in making the hunter, it is however, a very essential tool together with your crossbow.
And with so many scopes to choose from, it’s not surprising that many of us will get confused on how to pick the perfect one for our crossbow, so here are our top picks for the best crossbow scopes in the market today:

Excalibur Twilight DLX: $225.59, the highest rated scope in the market today, the Excalibur Twilight is a must buy for many hunters, this scope is perfect especially in low light conditions or for those who have terrible vision. Though it may be heavier for some, the Excalibur Twilight provides a crystal clear image for hunters, perfect for early morning hunts and at dusk.

Hawke 1.5 X 32: $199, versatile and durable, the Hawke 1.5 is another favorite for many hunters, this scope was designed to withstand even the harshest conditions that nature has to offer and even accidental falls during a hike in the woods. Not only that, this scope can definitely keep up with SA Sports Fever Crossbow. It’s high performance optics can really help you get the game you want even in low light situations.

Nikon Bolt XR: $139, a powerful scope from a well-known camera brand, this scope will surely help you sight even the most distant targets. Lightweight and durable, the Nikon Bolt XR is the perfect hunting companion as it was built to withstand most falls, fog, and even water. The Bolt XR is not far behind from Nikon’s high quality cameras, it’s equipped with high quality lens from Nikon which will give you clear and crisp images.

Hawke 3 X 32 MAP: Easy to use, lightweight, and accurate, the 3 X 32 from Hawke has wide angle lens that will allow you to see even the most distant target, its multi-coated lens allows more light in thus making it more easier for you to sight your target and aim with consistent accuracy. This scope is built sturdy enough to withstand the ups and downs of hunting and even various weather conditions.

Truglo Crossbow Scope: $65, affordable yet still capable of packing a punch, this scope from Truglo was designed for durability and accuracy. It comes equipped with a special compensation reticle that will ensure that your every shot is accurate; you’re sure to get that game during your hunt. This scope has a matte finish, meaning it won’t reflect any light and startle your prey.

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